Aki was diagnosed with Autism shortly after leaving an intense and traumatizing home situation. Due to his experiences and some of the characteristics of autism spectrum disorder, Aki has difficulty expressing and communicating his thoughts, ideas, feelings, and frustrations. This can be frustrating for him because he truly loves to be around people! Though his speech delay functions as a barrier to vocalizing the love that is in his heart, he shows it by his actions daily. Aki befriends the underdog, hugs you when you need it most, and has a smile that lights up the room. Aki is very protective of those that he cares for but especially those that care for him. He is very protective of his two siblings and has lots of hugs for his mom. Aki’s Dream is to go to Florida to visit Disney World and Universal Studios to be happy, enjoy the rides and attractions, and meet all of his favorite characters.

By Sunshine Admin