Hailey has been diagnosed with polymicrogyria of the left brain; optic nerve hypoplasia of both eyes; blindness; IDD mild; development delays; left-sided hemiplegia; and autism. Her disabilities do make everyday life challenging. The learning delays and autism cause cognitive function disparities with daily functions including communication efforts, relationship building, and learning. Additionally, her cerebral palsy, growth delays, ONH, and blindness create physical barriers. Be that as it may, Hailey’s resilience, unbreakable spirit, love for life/family/learning, keep her reaching out and moving forward in small but significant steps, i.e., developmentally, relationship-wise, educationally, etc. I am very proud, and blessed, to raise such a strong-spirited child. Her dream of a shopping spree to buy her heart’s desire will bless her – a showing that people care and want her to enjoy her life, despite the limitations it gives her.

By Sunshine Admin