Holland is 9 years old with low functioning autism. He is in third grade and is working on being able to read and write his name. He loves to watch YouTube and figure out how stuff works. He is always willing to help others and loves to clean. When he grows up, Holland would like to have a job where he gets to fix things and help people. Holland has an older brother and sister and a younger brother who have autism as well, which makes it hard for them to do fun family things. Holland loves Donald Duck and loves that Donald is like him and that Mickey is still his best friend even when Donald gets upset. Holland is looking forward to taking his siblings to Disney World so they can get a balloon and give it to Donald Duck. Holland wants to be Donald’s friend. He also wants to get a map of Disney World and wants to make sure they get to eat cotton candy! Holland says he has been waiting his whole life to go to Disney World and wants everyone to know he is tall enough to go.

By Caitlyn Diviny