Logan (born 4/21/2002) was diagnosed with non-accidental head trauma (Shaken Baby Syndrome) resulting in traumatic brain injury (roughly 80% brain tissue loss), cortical visual impairment, and cerebral palsy. He is wheel chair dependent and g-tube dependent. He has a form of epilepsy called Lennox-Gastaut syndrome. He has global developmental delays and functions at the age of a toddler. Logan is largely non-verbal. Logan loves to spend time with his family, be outdoors, and go on adventures. He has a huge smile, loves to meet new people, and is always on the go, but he is limited due to his disabilities. Logan’s mom says that his whole life has been nothing but doctors’ appointments, uncertainties, and raising awareness for Shaken Baby Syndrome, and he deserves a chance to just have fun and be a kid. When he grows up, Logan would love to do anything that allows him to be around animals. Logan’s Dream is to visit the FL theme parks, especially Universal Studios, Disney World, and Sea World where he will enjoy his time with his family taking in all of the sounds, colors, and people.

By Sunshine Admin