1. James has been diagnosed with autism, language disorder and intellectual disability. James is such a sweet and caring boy. He works so hard to overcome the obstacles that stem from his autism. His strength and perseverance are an inspiration to everyone he meets. James likes to swing, swim, jump on the trampoline, and watch Toy Story and trains. James fell in love with Toy Story when he was 3. The movie characters are some of the only toys he enjoys. His Dream is to go to Disney to see Buzz & Woody.
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  2. Elizabeth has been diagnosed with low-functioning autism, seizures, and developmental delays. Elizabeth likes to read books and watch Disney and Star Wars. She is dreaming of a bedroom makeover with new paint and to make a reading area as well as a multimedia area for gaming and decorations. Elizabeth loves anime and Disney stories and will no doubt incorporate these in the theme.
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  3. My name is Shawn, and I have been diagnosed with Autism. I don't have many friends because I don't always get along with others, so I like to play the hero online. I want to help people like a superhero when I grow up, so I want to work in law enforcement or the military or become a cook. Cooking and playing on Xbox are my favorite things to do. My Dream is to go to Universal Studios with my family and see all the heroes that I look up to. Seeing Harry Potter World (since my Dad is British), Captain America, Spider-man, and Wolverine will be awesome!
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  4. My name is Gracey. I have been diagnosed with low-functioning autism and am non-verbal, but when I grow up, my mom and dad think I will be an inspiring Olympic swimmer. I also have a great love for animals and people who need companionship. I would probably be someone who helps animals or elderly people. My favorite things to do are swimming and being in the sun. I love being in my backyard by the pool and watching Disney programs. I am a huge fan of Donald Duck. His voice makes me giggle. I also enjoy dancing to the Mickey Mouse Club shows. I get very excited. Disney world is a magical place. I have a younger brother who also has autism that is non-verbal. He loves the beauty of the princesses. We both will get to experience the of the most magical place in the world. I want to dance with Mickey Mouse and ride the rides in the park. I want to swim in the ocean and feel the sand in my toes. My mother went to Florida when she was 6 years old and wants my brother and I to have the same memories she has as a child! She has dreamed about taking us for years.
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  5. Jaremey is a high-energy little boy and loves to be out living life. He has been diagnosed with low-functioning autism. The issues associated with his sensory disorder, being nonverbal, and communication difficulties make things extremely difficult for him. He just wants to be a normal boy, have friends, and have fun, but the communication issues cause meltdowns. Jaremey doesn’t understand waiting and gets frustrated not to be understood. We have also had a rough time as a family because recently, Jaremey’s dad had a stroke and spent 6 weeks in ICU before he passed away. It has really affected Jaremey because he doesn’t understand where his dad is or why he isn’t coming home. He’s been switched to three different school programs over this school year. We have also had a major financial strain as well as me trying to figure out how to do it all on my own with nothing and low income. We haven’t been able to do as much as we used to do. Jaremey's Dream is to take a trip to the Florida Theme Parks with his family. The fulfilment of this wish would be a blessing because it will give us a chance for just one week to heal and forget about life for a minute and to just be a semi-normal family again and allow Jaremey to get a little more of the attention he needs. Jaremey loves anything theme park, water park, and outdoors. He loves pools, sun, dancing. His new favs are GoNoodle Say Hello and Baby Shark. He loves SpongeBob, Minions, and cloudy with a chance of meatballs.
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  6. Hi, my name is Brian. I have been diagnosed with low-functioning autism. My dream is to go to the Florida theme parks. I especially want to visit Walt Disney World where I can meet some of my favorite Disney characters. My favorite is Mickey Mouse. I can’t wait to meet him! Although I struggle daily with autism, I enjoy playing sports, listening to music and singing along to the songs. I’m most happy when I get to use my IPad. Going to Disney would make me very happy. Please help me make my dream come true.
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  7. Ibrahima (his friends and family call him Ibu) had complications at birth and was enrolled into an early intervention program at 2 months. At 2 years, he was diagnosed as having cerebral palsy quadriplegia because all four of his extremities are affected. Ibrahim does have use of his left arm. He is able to bear weight on his legs, but he cannot take steps without assistance. Ibu needs assistance with all activities of daily living such as bathing, toileting, dressing, and mobility. He uses an electric chair to get around, which he loves and is not happy when it's in need of repair. Ibrahim is thoughtful, likes joking around and laughing with family and friends, really loves playing video games, playing with paint, and being in water in the summertime. Ibrahim would like to visit Disney World as his Dream because he has never visited Disney, and its reputation precedes itself as being an incredible resort and park with lots of fun things to do for all ages. Ibrahim would be grateful to go, and is hopeful to have the experience.
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  8. Farrenton has been diagnosed with low-functioning autism. Farrenton is non-verbal, There are things he likes to do, such as riding his bike, jumping on a trampoline, playing games, playing in his kiddie swimming pool, and most especially, music! Farrenton loves the Disney characters, rides that go up and down, and rides on water. His mom would love to see him go to Disney World in Florida so he can meet the Disney characters. She greatly appreciates that Farrenton will be given this chance to see Disney World.
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  9. Colton has severe, low-functioning autism and is nonverbal. His diagnosis affects how he eats and communicates. His fine motor skills are severely impacted, but his gross motor skills exceed that of his peers. Colton has a severe sensory processing disorder. He craves deep pressure throughout the day. Swimming and swinging daily are musts or he can’t sleep. Colton enjoys being outdoors, running, jumping, spinning. He adores anything with lights and music. He’s an extraordinarily happy child otherwise. He loves shopping in stores and online. He can’t verbally tell me what he wants but points at things or brings them to me. Colton has a dream of going on a shopping spree. Receiving his wish would be a dream come true for Colton and would help him get sensory items and toys that he wants. Thank you all for making my child’s dream come true!
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    My name is Marquise. I was diagnosed with autism, fetal alcohol syndrome and microcephaly. My disability doesn't stop me from enjoying my life. I enjoy participating in Special Olympics at my school, going to the beach with my brothers, and playing cars. Mickey mouse is my favorite character. My dream is to go to Disney World one day
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