1. Do my donations go directly to help the child I select?
    YES. Your donation goes to fulfill the child’s dream for whom you donate along with a portion to help with administrative expenses.  If we go over the amount needed to fulfill that child’s particular dream, then any additional funds will go directly to the Sunshine Foundation to help other children.
  2. How are you associated with the Sunshine Foundation?
    This website is part of the Sunshine Foundation; we created it in an effort to allow children from our waiting list to be directly helped through crowd-sourced funding.  This gives the ability to parents, friends, and relatives of the children to spread the word and have their dreams fulfilled without having to wait until they move up the waiting list!
  3. What is Adopt a Dream?
    Adopt a Dream is Sunshine Foundation’s program to help answer a child’s dream. The average cost of adopting a Magical Dream is $5,500. You may also adopt a Special Dream at $2,200 or a Shopping Spree Dream at $1,100. (*A small processing fee has been added to Adopt A Dream costs).
  4. Can I adopt an entire dream?
    Absolutely! If you adopt the entire dream of a child, we can help raise funds more quickly for the other children on Sunshine Foundation’s waiting list.
  5. Can anyone spread the word about any child?
    YES.  We encourage everyone to use their social media resources to help our kids!
  6. Can I just donate directly to the Sunshine Foundation?
    YES. Just go to our main website at Sunshinefoundation.org to donate directly to our foundation.
  7. What happens once the money for my child’s Dream is raised?
    The child will receive their Dream Come True! Sunshine Foundation will reach out to the family and start planning their dream. Please note: children may not receive their dream right away as dreams are planned months in advance, and children may have travel restrictions.
  8. What if the entire cost of my child’s dream is not raised?
    If the entire funds for your child’s particular dream are not raised, the child will remain on Sunshine Foundation’s waiting list until their dream comes up for processing, or until additional funds come in towards that child’s dream. If the entire funds for your child’s particular dream have not been raised on the Adopt A Dream site, but the child comes up for processing from the waiting list, the child will be taken off the Adopt A Dream site and their dream will be planned. A child will not have to wait for the full funds to be raised on the Adopt A Dream site if their dream comes up for processing.
  9. My child is on Sunshine Foundation’s waiting list. How can they be added to the Adopt a Dream site?
    Please email info@sunshinefoundation.org and request your child be placed on the site. Please include your child’s full name when you make your inquiry.
  10. How can I get a dream answered for my child?
    Sunshine Foundation answers the dreams of chronically ill, seriously ill, physically challenged or abused children between the ages of 3-18 whose family income does not exceed $75,000 a year and the child, or anyone in the family has not have received a dream from Sunshine Foundation or any other wish granting organization. If your child meets that criteria, you can Request a Dream.
  11. Where can I see more FAQ’s about Sunshine?
    We encourage you to check out our main website’s FAQ page for other answers.