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Sunshine Foundation, the original wish granting organization, answers the dreams of chronically ill, seriously ill, physically challenged, and abused children ages three to eighteen whose families cannot fulfill their dream requests due to the financial strain that the child’s illness may cause.

You can help make a child’s Dream Come True! The Sunshine Foundation has a waiting list of over 200 children throughout the United States who are waiting to be sponsored. The most popular dream is a request for a trip to the central Florida attractions. Your group can hold a fundraiser to answer the dream of a child on our waiting list! The average cost of adopting a Special Dream-Florida Theme Parks Trip is $5,500. You may also adopt a Special Dream at $2,200 or a Shopping Spree Dream at $1,100. A small processing fee has been added to Adopt A Dream costs.

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Thanks to your wonderful donations, these Dreamers have received their Dream Come True!

Isabella Goes on a Dream Family Trip to Medieval Times

Isabella was referred to Sunshine Foundation (L) with a diagnosis of low-functioning autism. Her dream of a family trip to Medieval Times in Bueno Vista, CA came true!

Isabella was referred to Sunshine Foundation with a diagnosis of low-functioning, non-verbal autism. Isabella’s dream was to go on a family trip with her family to visit Medieval Times in Bueno Vista, California. Thanks to Sunshine Foundation’s generous donors, Isabella’s dream came true.

 We wanted to take Isabella on a special day trip to this place called Medieval Times in Bueno Vista, CA.  Thank you!” – Alexis, mom

Micah Gets to Spend Time with Spider-Man on His Family Trip

Micah (L) was referred to Sunshine Foundation after suffering trauma. He is pictured above (R) enjoying his meet-up with Spider-Man during his family trip to the Florida theme parks.

Micah suffered trauma from abuse and from a tractor accident, which has resulted in physical pain he endures every day that affects his daily activities. Micah’s dream was to go on a special dream trip to Disneyland with his family. Thanks to Sunshine Foundation’s generous donors, Micah’s dream came true!

“Micah had the best time he said that this is the most magical place on earth. We made so many great memories that will last a life time.” – mom, Annie

Hannah and Her Sister Enjoy a Bedroom Makeover!

Hannah (L) was referred to Sunshine Foundation with Down syndrome. Her “post-COVID” dream was to have a bedroom makeover than she and her sister could enjoy together. Hannah’s dream came true!

Hannah was referred to Sunshine Foundation with Down syndrome. She had a hard start to life, spending five years in an orphanage after her birth parents abandoned her due to her special needs. She was adopted by an American family and has been loved and cherished by her adoptive family ever since. Hannah, who now knows what it is like to be loved and cherished, gives her whole heart to everyone she now calls family. Her original dream was to go to Disney to meet Elsa, Anna, and Olaf from Disney’s “Frozen.” Some delays associated with the COVID pandemic led to Hannah changing her dream to a bedroom makeover, which, thanks to Sunshine Foundation’s generous donors, she now absolutely LOVES! (Hannah’s sister, Hope, does too!)

“This weekend a group from our church came to help with Hannah and Hope’s (Hope also has Down syndrome) bedroom makeover. It turned out absolutely beautiful!! We have two very happy girls. They went to bed last night with huge smiles and carefully made their beds this morning…I can’t thank you enough!! This is a gift that will keep giving for a long time. It is so adorable seeing them keep going to peek at their room. Hannah says the little reading book is her favorite! She loves to read! Thank you again!!!” – mom, Melissa

Lucas Enjoys a Trip to the Florida Theme Parks!

Lucas was referred to Sunshine Foundation with a diagnosis of of caudal regression syndrome, necessitating the use of a wheelchair for his mobility. Lucas’ dream to visit the Florida theme parks came true!

Lucas was referred to Sunshine Foundation with a  diagnosis of caudal regression syndrome. He uses a wheelchair for his mobility. As strong and determined as Lucas is, he is struggling as he becomes more aware of his disability. It saddens him at times as he wishes he could be an average boy, being able to walk and run with his friends. Lucas’s dream was to go to Florida on an airplane, visit the Florida Theme Parks, and set his worries aside. Thanks to Sunshine Foundation’s wonderful donors,  Lucas’s dream came true!

“We want to send a big thank you and our sincere gratitude for Lucas’ dream trip to Florida.  The memories we made will last forever and we can not thank your wonderful organization enough.  To see him smile and be so appreciative is all that matters in this world.  Our trip was wonderful.  We unfortunately experienced Hurricane Nicole while we were there and weren’t able to experience everything we wanted to because of that, but we made the best of it.  Thank you again to everyone who made this possible for Lucas.  We are forever grateful.” –  Lucas and Family

Daniel Goes to Yogi-Bear’s Jellystone Park Camp-Resort!

Daniel, referred to Sunshine Foundation (L) with a diagnosis of low-functioning autism, had his dream come true when he and his family were able to visit Yogi-Bear’s Jellystone Park Camp-Resort (Center and R).

Daniel was referred to Sunshine Foundation with a diagnosis of low-functioning autism and a LOVE of the beach, water parks, and playgrounds. When circumstances surrounding the COVID pandemic delayed his original dream to visit the Florida theme parks, Daniel decided that a family trip to Yogi-Bear Jellystone Park Camp-Resort would be his dream come true!

“Thank you to all that made Daniel’s trip possible. It was so much more than just a trip. There are not enough words to express what this meant to my family….Daniel had the most amazing time. He got to jump on the big jumping pillow, play in the huge pool, swim in the lake and take tons of trips on the golf cart we rented to get around the campground….The day we left, Daniel kept putting my suitcase back in the bedroom. Each time I tried to put it on the porch to leave, he would put it back… It is safe to say, he did not want to leave. Both kids had very long faces the day we left, which broke my heart. I wish we never had to leave, that is how fun it was! We are hoping we can go back sometime! Thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone at the Sunshine Foundation that made this trip possible for Daniel and the family. “ – mom, Kelly

Marlie’s Dream for a Beach Vacation Comes True!

Marlie, diagnosed with chronic fetal alchohol syndrome, enjoyed a trip to Florida with her adoptive family.

Marlie, diagnosed with chronic fetal alcohol disorder, was dreaming of a beach vacation to Florida where she could ride rides and see the princesses. Thanks to Sunshine Foundation’s generous donors, Marlie’s dream came true!

“Marlie’s  favorite thing she did was ride ALL the roller coasters; she loved hulk! She was happy to ride ALL the rides and go to the beach to play in the sand. She is going home tired but full of memories. We had a blast, and we made lots of memories that I know I will never forget.” Marlie’s mom- Shelley

Chanecia Smiles All the Way to Disney!

Chanecia, referred to Sunshine Foundation with severe developmental delay, had a dream to fly to Disney with her family to meet her favorite characters.

Chanecia, diagnosed with a severe developmental delay due to micro-deletion of Chromosome 15, was caught smiling A LOT on the plane ride to the Florida and throughout her dream trip to Disney World made possible by Sunshine Foundation’s generous donors.

“Reflecting back over this trip, I am so thankful for everything, even the lessons I learned along the way, and I am so grateful and thankful that I got a chance to experience this with my children. This was our first time in an airplane. It truly impacted me and my children’s lives. Chanecia had a wonderful time and loved everything about this trip.”- Chanecia’s mom, Chakeea

Braxton Enjoyed a Family Trip to Florida!

Braxton was born with Leopard syndrome and has cardiomyopathy, hypotonia, dystonia, as well as ADD. Braxton’s dream was to visit the Florida theme parks with his family to meet some of his favorite characters.

Braxton was referred to Sunshine Foundation with Leopard syndrome and has cardiomyopathy, hypotonia, and dystonia. Braxton’s dream was to travel to the Florida theme parks with his family. Thank you Sunshine Foundation donors for making Braxton’s dream come true!

“We can’t express how much fun we had, how Braxton truly had his dream come true. You all are amazing humans that work behind the scenes. We are extremely blessed to have been able to do this. We are so much closer as a family. We have this huge once-in-a-lifetime trip that we all are part of.”– Braxton’s mom, April

Landon is Enjoying His New Bounce House!

Landon was referred to Sunshine Foundation with a diagnosis of low-functioning autism. Landon, who has been bouncing on his knees long before even walking, had a dream of a back-yard bounce house to bounce in. Thanks to our wonderful donors, Landon’s dream came true!

Landon, diagnosed with low-functioning, non-verbal autism, is pictured above in his new bounce house. Landon LOVES all things sensory, especially jumping! Since he was able to sit up as a toddler, before even walking, Landon has hopped on his knees everywhere. Thanks to Sunshine Foundation’s wonderful donors, Landon’s dream to have an outside bounce house came true. Landon’s family says this helps his sensory needs and has brought a SMILE to his face.

Lauren Gets to Meet Minnie Mouse!

Lauren was referred to Sunshine Foundation with a diagnosis of cerebral palsy (L) and a love of Minnie Mouse. Lauren had her dream come true when she went to Florida with her family and met many Disney characters including Shrek (C) and Minnie, her “fav!” (R).

Lauren was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and is non-verbal. She loves Minnie Mouse and was dreaming of meeting her. Thanks to Sunshine Foundation’s wonderful donors, Lauren’s dream to meet Minnie came true!

“Lauren and I would really like to thank everyone who helped make her dream to Disney come true! We both had an amazing fun filled week. She enjoyed each park, and I think her favorite exhibit was the laugh factory at Magic Kingdom.  She can’t walk or talk, but she’s the daredevil out of the two of us. Each ride made her smile. I am thankful she was able to have a week free from doctors and appt where we could take our time to enjoy life.”– Lauren’s mom, Danielle

Devin Enjoyed His Trip to the Florida Theme Parks!

Devin was referred to Sunshine Foundation (L) with a diagnosis of low-functioning autism. Devin received his dream to go to Florida with his family and visit the theme parks, thanks to our wonderful donors! (R)

Devin, diagnosed with low-functioning autism, has a very small vocabulary and barely speaks much, but when he does, he can name almost every existent animal in the world! His main focus every day is animals. He absolutely loves his animal figurines, and if he could, he would play with them all day and probably night! Thanks to Sunshine Foundation’s wonderful donors, Devin was able to take a trip to Florida with his family and put his animal-naming skills to work in Animal Kingdom

“Devin enjoyed the theme parks. He loved the rides and the “Its a Small World” ride the most. His favorite was Animal Kingdom and all their animal-based rides. Although he didn’t get to go on the safari because of “inclement weather,” he enjoyed the sightseeing, water rides, and the animals that he did get to see. The trip gave him so much joy, and we plan on going back someday to do the safari. Thank you so much for this opportunity for Devin; it really made his dream come true!” – Devin’s mom, Susan

Joseph is LOVES His New Apple iPad Air!

Joseph, referred to Sunshine Foundation (L) with a diagnosis of cerebral palsy, went on a shopping spree for some new clothes (C) and an Apple iPad Air. He especially loves his new iPad! (R)

Joseph, diagnosed with cerebral palsy which requires the use of a wheel chair, loves to watch Mickey Mouse and YouTube videos. He was originally dreaming of a trip to Disney, but due to delays caused by the Covid pandemic, he decided to change his dream to a shopping spree where he was able to get some new clothes and his favorite – a new Apple iPad Air! Thank you Sunshine donors and chapter volunteers!!

“Joseph really enjoys his new iPad Air with the Apple Pencil. It is by far his favorite thing to do. He has always enjoyed using things like cell phones and iPad’s. He uses an iPad through school as an adaptive device but he’s limited as to what he can do on that device. Joe was excited to go shopping at the Apple store where he got to pick out his own personal iPad that he can use for playing on. He spends many hours watching Mickey Mouse videos (his favorite) as well as YouTube children videos and listens to the songs of Mommy and Me. Also, with the new pen, he is learning to make lines and drawings . He is having a lot of fun the last days of his summer vacation and will enjoy this present for a long time to come.” – mom, Angelica

Gage Is Enjoying His New Sensory Room!

Gage was referred to Sunshine Foundation as a happy and loving boy with a diagnosis of non-verbal autism (L). His dream was to have a sensory room where he could touch and feel things, something that helps children with autism. Thanks to some very special donors, Gage’s dream came true! (R)

Gage has been diagnosed with non-verbal autism. He also has difficulty focusing with his eyes. Gage loves to stack and build things, run and climb, and any activity associated with water. Gage was excited to receive a sensory room for his dream. He loves the idea of having lots of things to see and touch and his mom thinks this will benefit him greatly.  Thank you Sunshine Foundation donors for making Gage’s dream come true!

“Gage really enjoys his sensory room items.  He loves that he has his own room now with his own toys that he can go to and read or watch his favorite movie on TV.  Gage is growing more every day, although he is still non-verbal. I feel like his speech will come soon. “  – mom, Lisa

Hayden Visits Universal Studios and Sea World with his Family!

Hayden was referred to Sunshine Foundation with chromosome disorders resulting in pervasive development disorder (L). Hayden’s dream was to go to Sea World and Universal Studios. Hayden’s dream came true! (C) and (R)

Hayden was diagnosed with a rare chromosome disorder called mosaic trisomy 8 as well as a disorder called agenesis of the corpus callosum, which causes Hayden to struggle with things like remembering to put on shoes and brush his teeth.  His dream was to go to the Florida theme parks, especially Sea World and Universal Studios. Hayden LOVES animals and can tell you things you wouldn’t have ever known about all kinds of different species. Thanks to Sunshine Foundation’s wonderful donors, Hayden’s dream came true. It was Hayden’s first time to see the ocean!

“Hayden had so much fun with his family at Universal Studios in Florida. They were able to ride the Hogwarts Express and explore Diagon Alley. They had so much fun exploring Jurassic Park and learning so much more about dinosaurs (Hayden’s favorite subject), even getting to see a baby velociraptor hatch. The day at Sea World was one of the best days Hayden has ever had. Hayden loved the sea world orca show so much, he is still telling stories about the whales. We visited the arcade every night on our resort. We spent 3 days at Universal Studios exploring all the different places from Diagon Alley to Springfield USA where we got pictures with Homer Simpson and Amity Island where we saw Jaws hanging up by the bay. This was really a trip of a lifetime! We had a blast and couldn’t have had this experience without Sunshine Foundation! We cannot say thank you enough to the donors who made all this happen and thank you to Sunshine Foundation. You have really made Hayden’s dream trip come true!”- Hayden’s mom, Kelly

Dakoda Visits Disney World and Universal Studios!

Dakoda, referred to Sunshine Foundation with a diagnosis of von Willebrand disease, type III (L) dreamed of a family trip to Disney World to feel like a kid again – carefree and in complete wonder and awe. Dakoda’s dream came true. He not only got to feel like a kid at Disney but also visited the other theme parks as well! (R)

Dakoda, diagnosed with von Willebrand disease, a bleeding disorder, has fought an uphill battle his entire life, from brain bleeding to eye surgeries and years of speech/physical/occupational health services. Dakoda’s dream was to go to the Florida theme parks with his family, something that was not possible due to financial constraints. Thanks to Sunshine Foundation’s wonderful donors, Dakoda’s dream came true!

“Dakoda was able to enjoy five amazing days in sunny Florida at a few amusement parks. He loved universal studios the best! Spending time with his family was beneficial for his mental health and gave him the opportunity to just be a kid again!”– Dakoda’s mom, Amanda

Tyrese Smiles All the Way to His Dream Florida Trip!

Tyrese was referred to Sunshine Foundation with a diagnosis of cerebral palsy. His dream was to go to Florida to visit the theme parks. Thanks to Sunshine Foundation’s wonderful donors, Tyrese was able to have his dream come true!

Tyrese came to Sunshine Foundation with a diagnosis of cerebral palsy. Tyrese’s dream was to go to the Florida theme parks. He chose this dream because he felt it would give him a chance to enjoy himself, have fun just being a kid, and show that with his abilities, he can still get around rather than having people look at him for his disability. Tyrese said that having this dream come true gives him hope that one day, his dream of walking and becoming a basketball player will come true as well.

Tyrese and his parents want to thank all the sponsors and all that had input to making my child’s dream come true. We really appreciate it all. Tyrese really enjoyed himself from the village Lego house to the parade at magic kingdom. I believe two of Tyrese’s favorite rides was the teacup and dumbo ride that goes up and down in the air. All he kept saying was mom “I’m dizzy, I’m dizzy. This is so much fun on the teacup ride!” This is one of Tyrese’s best experience that he will never forget and I’m glad you all were a part of it.”  Charisse Jones – Mom

Kyizha Enjoys her Dream Trip to Puerto Rico!

Kyizha was referred to Sunshine Foundation (L) with a trauma history. Her dream for a family vacation was fulfilled with a magical trip to Puerto Rico! (R)

Kyizha, who was adopted from foster care, was referred to Sunshine Foundation with complex mental health needs and learning disabilities related to an extensive trauma history. Kyizha originally wanted to take a trip to Disney World but due to Covid-related delays, she decided on a family trip instead. Kyizha and her family took a trip to Puerto Rico – their first family vacation and and a fulfilled dream that was just as magical!

“Kyizha … loved getting to snorkel for the first time ever “because seeing everything under all that clear water was so cool.”  She also loved eating ripe plantains and hanging out in the swinging chair on the roof of the Airbnb where her family stayed. Her brother Kiko loved getting to drive the mini-boat, exploring an uninhabited island, and visiting the town where their birth family has roots. It was all very meaningful…. We’re so thankful to everyone who helped make this trip happen. We’ve never been able to take a family vacation before, so this was really magical.  – Mom, Lani

Hazeem Takes a Dream Trip to Florida!

Hazeem was referred to Sunshine Foundation (L) with a diagnosis of non-verbal autism. His dream to take a trip to Florida and visit Disney came true! (R)

Hazeem was referred to Sunshine Foundation with a diagnosis of non-verbal autism. Hazeem loves airplane toys and making noises when he pretends to fly them. Hazeem’s dream was to fly to Florida and go to Disney. Thanks to the generosity of Sunshine Foundation’s donors, Hazeem’s dream came true!

Jonet Enjoys a Dream Vacation to the Beach!

Jonet was referred to Sunshine Foundation (left) with a diagnosis of Down syndrome. Her dream to take a vacation to the beach came true thanks to Sunshine Foundation’s wonderful donors! (center and right)

Jonet was referred to Sunshine Foundation as a “fun-loving young lady who just happens to have Down syndrome.” Jonet struggles with anxiety and depression. Her family helps her with all of her daily care through their loving support. Jonet’s dream was to take a vacation to the beach. She hadn’t seen the ocean in 5 years and was only able to stay for a few hours when she was there. Jonet’s dream came true!

“Jonet’s beach dream trip came true! She had so much fun at Carolina Beach N.C. She spent her days on the beach with her toes in the sand or at the shoreline. She went to the aquarium and boardwalk. This wouldn’t have been possible without the support of this foundation.  Our entire family was blessed. Thank you for making her dream come true!” – Amy, mom

Jalissa Is Enjoying her New Pool!

Jalissa was referred to Sunshine Foundation (L) with a diagnosis of Usher syndrome. Her dream was to have an above-ground swimming pool to learn how to swim and spend time with her siblings in the water. Thanks to Sunshine Foundation’s donors, Jalissa’s dream came true! (R)

Jalissa was diagnosed with Usher syndrome, which causes her to be deaf and require bilateral cochlear implants. She will also begin to lose her eye sight and will probably be legally blind by the time she is an adult. Jalissa has worked hard to overcome her balance issues and has even learned to ride a two-wheel bike this past summer. Jalissa’s dream was to have an above-ground swimming pool of her own to fill her summers with endless amounts of joy as she learns to swim and spend time with her siblings splashing in the water.

Jalissa’s pool is up and able to be used! … Jalissa is loving it!  Thanks so much for everything!” – mom, Jessica

Matthew Goes on His First Vacation EVER!

Matthew, referred to Sunshine Foundation with a diagnosis of low-functioning autism (L), had his dream come true when he went on his first vacation to the Florida Theme Parks (Center and Right).

Matthew, diagnosed with low-functioning autism and intellectual disability, had a special love for the Pirates of the Caribbean and Finding Nemo. His Dream was to go to the Florida Theme Parks. It was Matthew’s first vacation EVER! Matthew had a great time enjoying his dream trip with his family and was very happy to visit Pirates of the Caribbean.

“Our family will forever be grateful for making Matthew’s dream vacation to Florida come true. Matthew had an amazing time, he was able to visit all 4 Disney parks, and he got on some pretty cool rides…. Our family had a wonderful Florida vacation, and we would like to remember Bill Sample in our thanks for starting the Sunshine Foundation and thank everyone who has a hand at running the Sunshine Foundation…. We also thank all the supporters: Neshaminy High School Interact Club, Gannon Insurance Agency, Innovative Implant and Oral Surgery, Hatboro Rotary and Feasterville Rotary Club.” – Emilia, Matthew’s Mom

Christian LOVES Swimming in His New Pool!

Christian was referred to Sunshine Foundation (L) with a diagnosis of Type I diabetes. His dream for an above-ground swimming pool to help regulate his blood sugar came true (R). He’s quite a swimmer!

Christian was referred to Sunshine Foundaiton diagnosed with Type I diabetes and eosinophilic esophagitis. Christian wanted a heated swimming pool so could swim and work to keep his blood sugar regulated, his muscles moving, and to feel better overall. As you can tell from the pictures, Christian likes to be outside and is very happy that his dream came true!

“Thank you so much for granting my son Christian’s wish for an above-ground swimming pool. Christian is super excited to be able to get in it. Here are some pics of Christian in his new pool.   Thanks so much!!”  – Mom, Tonya

Crystal Enjoys a Family Trip of a Lifetime!

Crystal was referred to Sunshine Foundation with severe epilepsy, autism, and learning disabilities (L). Crystal was thrilled to have her dream answered to be able to take a family trip to the Florida theme parks. (Center & Right)

Crystal has been diagnosed with severe epilepsy, autism, and learning disabilities. Crystal’s Dream was to go to Florida to see Disney and all the attractions, especially Elsa and Anna from Frozen. Crystal’s dream to make special memories with her family came true thanks to generous donors and help from The WAWA Foundation.

I want to thank the donors of our trip. If it wasn’t for you we couldn’t have made a Florida trip. Crystal enjoyed the whole trip. We went to Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom and Universal Studios. I can’t think of one thing she didn’t like. It was an exhausting trip but it was worth it. The memories will last her forever, thanks for everything.” -Crystal’s dad, John

Lanie Enjoyed Flying in an Airplane to Go to Florida!

Lanie was referred to Sunshine Foundation (L) with with a rare genetic disorder known as DDX3X.  Thanks to Sunshine Foundation’s wonderful donors and our friends from Addie’s Royal Cupcake Stand, Lanie’s dream for a family trip to Florida came true! She especially enjoyed her trip on an airplane! (Center and Right)

Lanie, who has a rare genetic disorder known as DDx3X. This affects Lanie in many ways. She is nonverbal and is unable to walk independently. She has feeding difficulties, which led to surgeries and a feeding tube. Although this disorder has brought many obstacles in Lanie’s life, it never took away her beautiful smile. She is always happy and has a contagious giggle. Thanks to Sunshine Foundation’s generous donors, Lanie’s Dream of a family trip to the Florida theme parks came true!

“Lanie had an amazing time at the Florida Theme Parks. She really enjoyed the music and lights! Her favorite ride was Under the Sea at Magic Kingdom. She also enjoyed flying in the airplane! It was her first time flying and she giggled during take-off! It was a magical time. She really enjoyed spending time with her family and making wonderful memories.”-  Lanie’s Mom

Sienna “Bella” is Happy for Her New Wheel Chair!

Sienna “Bella”, was referred to Sunshine Foundation (L) with a diagnosis of cerebral palsy and cortical vision impairment, which occurred when Sienna was a baby and had a stroke due to illness with acute disseminated encephalomyelitis. Bella’s dream to have a new wheel chair to assist in her mobility has come true (R)!

Sienna “Bella”, who is diagnosed with cerebral palsy and a cortical vision impairment, came to Sunshine Foundation, originally dreaming of a trip to Florida to visit the theme parks. Unfortunately, it was deemed too unsafe for Bella to go to Florida due to Covid, so she changed her mind and wanted to have a new portable, electric wheel chair to assist her in her mobility and independence. Thanks to generous donors, Sienna’s dream has come true!

“Bella has been so excited to have her chair and be able to do outings with us independently. She loves her new chair and has been so excited to be able to use when we do our errands. We are forever grateful. Thank you sunshine foundation for making this possible!” – mom

Tim Enjoys a Trip to Florida with his New Adoptive Family

Tim, diagnosed with drug-resistant multifocal epilepsy, spent over 8 years in foster care waiting for his forever family. He is now legally adopted and enjoyed a trip to Florida with his forever-family.

Tim, who is intellectually-disabled and has been diagnosed with medical refractory epilepsy, fulfilled a dream when he was legally adopted. Tim loves spending time with his large family and dreamed of taking a family vacation to Florida. Tim’s dream came true! Tim’s mom says that he always has a big smile on his face for every person with whom he comes in contact. He looked pretty happy to be given this trip with the help of Sunshine Foundation’s wonderful donors!

“Tim was so excited & grateful to be able to enjoy a family day just like a typical family   On his Universal day Tim stated “this is what it means to have a family”  –  Stephanie, mom

Mason Goes on A Dream Cruise!

Mason was referred to Sunshine Foundation with Down symdrome (L). Mason was thrilled to go on a Dream Cruise, together with his family! (R)

Mason, who has Down syndrome, originally was dreaming of riding the Hogwarts Express train and going to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, but Covid brought about a change of plans. As you can tell from the photo, Mason was just as happy to be with his family on a cruise!

Mason had a fantasic time with the family on this cruise. Thank you!”Dana, mom

Kaleb Receives a Changing Station and Accessories!

Kaleb (L) was referred to Sunshine Foundation with a diagnosis of cerebral palsy. Kaleb’s dream for a changing station to help safely taker care of his needs came true (R)!

Kaleb was referred to Sunshine Foundation, diagnosed with cerebral palsy. He loves to play baseball, play Star Wars with his brother, go swimming, and watch movies with his family. When he grows up, Kaleb would like to be big and strong. Kaleb’s dream was for a changing table so that his family could safely take care of his needs. Kaleb’s received the changing table and some accessories as well.

The gift of Kaleb’s changing table has allowed us to comfortably and safely provide care for him. Kaleb has 3 surgeries in his future, and this changing table will be a life saver for us. Thank you.” Corinne, mom

Adrayanna’s Dream to Go to Magic Kingdom Comes True!

Adrayanna (“Addy”) (L) was referred to Sunshine Foundation with a diagnosis of cerebral palsy. Her dream to go to Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom came true (R)!

Adrayanna was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Addy is a beautiful child who lives life to the fullest and doesn’t let her health get her down. In addition to the cerebral palsy, she has anxiety and muscle spasms, but she doesn’t let this stop her and gives everything she does her all. Addy believes there isn’t anything she can’t do and truly believes in the motto, “If at first you don’t succeed try, try again.” She is the kind of spirit that anyone who meets her, truly adores her. Addy loves watching videos of Disney World on YouTube. Her Dream to go to the Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom came true!

“Adrayanna enjoyed her time at the Disney theme parks. She enjoyed riding the rides, shopping, watching the parades and seeing some of her favorite characters. Thanks so much to her sponsors for allowing her this gift and for the chance to live out her dreams in the most magical place on Earth” – mom, Pamela

Tarique’s Dream for a Shopping Spree Comes True!

Tarique was referred to Sunshine Foundation (L), born with cerebral palsy. His mom needed to stop work to take care of Tarique full-time. Tarique’s dream of a shopping spree (R) came true thanks to generous donors.

Tarique was born with cerebral palsy. His mom noticed as soon as he was born that there was something not quite right. He was having seizures, he had strabismus in both eyes, and it was hard for him to nurse or take a bottle. The doctors said he was OK and sent him and his parents’ home. Tarique continued to have small mal seizures. He would stop breathing and would vomit formula from his nose and mouth. After going back and forth to the doctor’s, his parents received a diagnosis when he was two years old. Tarique, together with his family, has been in and out of the hospital since he was born, causing his mom to have to stop working and take care of him full time. The family has limited resources and is not able to just go out and have fun. While Tarique is non-verbal, he expresses himself by his facial expressions. Tarique’s dream was for a shopping spree to buy the clothes and shoes he needs. Tarique’s Dream Came True!

“Because of Covid we couldn’t go out to the stores, but Tarique was able to get some toys and many things that he needed. Tarique really liked the remote-control car. He was able to get some clothes. Tarique really loves to dress up and look nice. This shopping spree helped him to do that. Thank you so much to the donors for this wonderful experience. Tarique really enjoys his new things!” – Kenya, mom

Leani Goes on her Dream Trip!

Leani was referred to Sunshine Foundation (L), having been diagnosed with Sturge-Weber Syndrome.  Leani’s dream to go to Florida to visit the theme parks came true (Center & Right) thanks to the gifts of several wonderful donors and the efforts of the students of Neshaminy High School Interact Club.

Leani was referred to Sunshine Foundation, diagnosed with Sturge-Weber Syndrome.  She experiences seizures and has had a stroke because of this condition. Leani has been in and out of the hospital and feels that her disability limits the things she can do and places to where she can go, such as going on rides. Leani’s dream was to go to Florida to visit LEGOLAND, SeaWorld, and Disney World.  Leani’s Dream Came True!

TY so much this was Leani’s first time flying…she did well. When we got to Florida we picked up car rental and checked in hotel. The next day we did Disney and she was excited to see the castle and she met the princesses. We rode a couple of rides like the haunted mansion, Ariel, Buzz Light Year. We did Jungle Cruise at Universal…. Leani was exhausted then when we got to Legoland, her favorite place she got to go. We did one ride and a boat made out of Legos. We got soaked but had an awesome time there and all Lego building. It was so awesome. Leani has so many pictures we took. She had the best trip ever. I wanna thank u and everyone who worked hard to make this happen. We appreciate from the bottom of our hearts. Thank you Sunshine Foundation for making my daughter’s dream come true… it was priceless memories”Leslie Cruz, mom

Jaiden’s Dream of a PS5 Gaming System Comes True!

Jaiden was referred to Sunshine Foundation diagnosed with low-functioning autism (L). His dream was be able to play games with his sister and mom on a PS5. Jaiden’s dream came true! (R)

Jaiden was referred to Sunshine Foundation, diagnosed with low-functioning autism. Jaiden has a hard time fitting in with kids his age and can’t go outside alone. He likes to play video games with his sister when they visit their brother’s house. Jaiden’s dream was to have a PS5 with controllers so he could play video games with his mom and sister as a family. Jaiden’s dream came true thanks to wonderful Sunshine Foundation donors when he received a wonderful gift of a PS5 and accessories.

“The dream program has given my son a big smile, and filed his dream of getting a PlayStation 5. The Sunshine Foundation is such a great program and also a big help to parents that want to give their kids more. Jaiden is so excited and over joyed and he loves the PS5 and he is so happy to play the game with his sister. He’s extra excited about the virtual reality games headset that hooks up to the PlayStation 5.”mom, Tecolia

Rebecca Had a “Dream” Summer!

Rebecca was referred to Sunshine Foundation diagnosed with Koolen DeVries syndrome, scoliosis, and crainostynosis (L). Due to Covid, “Becca” changed her mind from waiting for a dream trip to meet the Disney princesses to a backyard, above-ground swimming pool where she enjoyed splashing and having fun during the warm weather (R).

Rebecca (“Becca”) was referred to Sunshine Foundation, diagnosed with Koolen DeVries syndrome, scoliosis and crainostynosis. Although Becca had originally dreamed for a trip to meet her favorite princess, Rapunzel, Covid resulted in a dream change to an above-ground, backyard swimming pool. As you can tell from the picture, Becca is very happy with the fulfillment of her new dream! Thank you Sunshine Foundation donors!

“Having a swimming pool in our yard has allowed Becca to able to swim and exercise safely without putting her at risk of being exposed to dangers of compromising her immune system.”Dad, Nicholas

Nyasia Goes on a Dream Trip to Six Flags in New Jersey!

Nyasia, a sweet girl was referred to Sunshine Foundation with a diagnosis of non-verbal, low-functioning autism (L). Nyasia was happy to receive a dream trip to Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey. (R)

Nyasia, diagnosed with non-verbal, low-functioning autism, had originally hoped to visit the Florida Theme Parks and Sunshine Foundation’s Dream Village. After the Covid epidemic changed just a FEW plans, Nyasia and her family opted for a dream trip to Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey. She had a great time with her family!

“Hi Sunshine Foundation, thank you for making Nyasia’s dream come true !  Nyasia had a great time. She had so much fun!  Thanks again!! “  – Maran, mom

Zayden is Having a BLAST with his PS5!

Zayden was referred to Sunshine Foundation due to his diagnosis of eosinophilic esophagitis (L). Thanks to generous donors, Zayden is enjoying his dream gift of a PS5 with virtual reality setup. (R)

Zayden was diagnosed with eosinophilic esophagitis. Zayden’s mom told us that he loves Minecraft, Fortnite and Roblox. Zayden’s dream for a PS5 with the virtual reality set up came true! Now he is enjoying what he wanted most – playing Beat Sabers and some Superhero games!

“Thank you guys so much! He is so happy and is already enjoying everything!  Zayden has received all of the items we ordered for his PlayStation 5 dream.  He is so excited and already playing and enjoying it very much!  – Mom, Jennifer

Jennifer LOVED her Dream Trip to LEGOLAND!

Jennifer was referred to Sunshine Foundation (L) with low-functioning autism and an intellectual disability. Thanks to wonderful donors, Jennifer received her dream trip to LEGOLAND! (R).

Jennifer was referred to Sunshine Foundation as a beautiful young lady with low-functioning autism, mild intellectual disability, ADHD, and major depressive disorder with psychosis. She decided her dream would be a family trip to LEGOLAND. Jennifer’s mom said this trip helped Jennifer to escape her fears, be accepted as who she is, and be free of everyday anxiety.

“The best part of the LEGOLAND trip was everything – it was totally awesome, especially when they let me patrol in my Stormtrooper armor though out the entire hotel as well as the restaurants. I did meet ‘n greets with all the kids, and I can honestly say I got mobbed… Thanks so much for everything!” –  mom, Debbie

Aaron is So Happy to Have His Communication Device

Aaron, referred to Sunshine Foundation as a handsome, young boy in need of an augmentative and alternative communication device to help with his non-verbal autism (L) is happy to have his Dream Come True! (R)

It’s hard not to smile when you meet this handsome boy, since Aaron, from Hudson, FL, is always giggling and even asks for a hug as a way of saying “Hello!” Aaron has 11 different diagnoses, including non-verbal  autism, epilepsy, and an immune system deficiency.  Thanks to some special donors, Aaron’s Dream for an augmentative and alternative communication device came true!

Even though Aaron is non-verbal and autistic, he is a ball of joy!  He will make you laugh all day and he really wants to learn more.  We were able to meet with an amazing foundation called the Sunshine Foundation that was able to help meet one of my son’s biggest needs – communication. I want to thank you so much, the Sunshine Foundation, for getting him the AAC (augmentative and alternative communication) device. It’s really helped transform Aaron to be able to give us more “I wants,”  “I’d  like to do this” or “I’m hungry” – all those phrases every mom likes to hear. Thank you so much from our family. We really appreciated your support!   Deanna, mom

Timothy goes on a Dream Trip to Cedar Point, OH

Timothy (11) was referred to Sunshine Foundation with multiple diagnoses, including cerebral palsy, autism, ADHD and anxiety disorders. (L) Timothy was happy when his Dream for a family trip of adventure came true! (R)

Timothy from Flint, MI, diagnosed with cerebral palsy, autism, ADHD, anxiety disorders, and cognitive impairment, had originally hoped for a trip to the Florida Theme Parks, but due to difficulties caused by Covid, decided to take a family trip to Cedar Point, OH instead where he visited an amusement park. Timothy’s dream for adventure came true!

Timothy really enjoyed the beach during his trip to Cedar Point – he was on the beach till late at night and he really likes the water rides….he had a great time, and it’s something he will never forget thank you so very much!”Melissa, mom

Seth “Wyatt” Enjoys His Dream Trip to Florida

Seth “Wyatt” was referred to Sunshine Foundation (L) with a diagnosis of low-functioning autism. His Dream was to visit Universal Studios and other Florida Theme Parks. Seth’s Dream Came True! (center and right)

Seth “Wyatt” from Winston-Salem NC, diagnosed with low functioning autism and a global developmental delay, had been dreaming of going to Universal Studios to meet the Minions from Despicable Me and visit other Central Florida Theme Parks as well. Thanks to a generous donor, Seth’s Dream Came True! He was able to visit Universal Studios where he saw the display from Fast and Furious (middle picture), Animal Kingdom (picture on right), as well as Islands of Adventure.

“Seth had the best time on his dream trip to Animal Kingdom, Universal Studios and Islands of adventure! He was able to see all of his favorite characters and enjoyed riding several of the attractions! He had a big smile the whole trip and gave a lot of thumbs up! Thank you so much for sending us on his dream trip to Orlando!”  Patricia, mom

Sunshine Donors Help Answer Dreams During Covid

Thank you to all who contributed to the Sunshine Relief Fund which was established when a country-wide shutdown necessitated by Covid led to Sunshine Foundation canceling many fundraising events. We are so appreciative of all who contributed! So many of our loyal supporters helped ensure our kids would still see their Dream Come True!

Xzavier Enjoys a Shopping Spree!

Xzavier was referred to Sunshine Foundation (left) with diagnoses of spina bifida and hydrocephalus. Xzavier was quite happy to be able to go on a shopping spree (right) and purchase many things he wished for.

Xzavier from Patoka, IN, is diagnosed with spina bifida and hydrocephalus. He is an outgoing boy who loves to play basketball and baseball. He collects stuffed animal monkeys and enjoys learning anything about the U.S. presidents and the wars. He ALWAYS has a smile on his face and is always trying to make everyone else happy. Xzavier was thrilled to be able to go on a special shopping spree thanks to Sunshine Foundation’s donors.

“Xzavier enjoyed his shopping spree! He was excited to go to all his favorite stores and to be able to pick out things he wished for! He said that he had the best time ever! Thank you so much!” – Amber, mom

Jacob Enjoys a Camping Trip with His Family!

Jacob, referred to Sunshine Foundation with eosinophilic esophagitis when he was 4 years old, (left) was dreaming of a special family camping trip. His Dream Came True! Jacob, with his family (center), enjoyed traveling in several states. Jacob especially enjoyed seeing Disney World (right)

Jacob, from Macomb, MI, has been diagnosed with eosinophilic esophagitis, a chronic immune system disease in which his body does not recognize food as safe. Jacob has a very strict diet, otherwise uses a feeding tube for nutrients. Jacob’s dream was to go on a family camping trip. With the help of Sunshine Foundation’s wonderful donors, Jacob’s Dream Came True!

“Thank you to Sunshine Foundation for so many of Jacob’s wishes to come true.  We stopped in TN and Jacob was able to see a mama bear and her 3 cubs in the mountains, he was able to go golfing on the side of a mountain and visit The Kennedy Space Center. Most of all he was able to go to Disney World mostly symptom free and enjoy everything there was to offer. Lastly, Jacob was able to stay and visit 7 different states all while camping with his family and dogs.  Our family and Jacob are so incredibly thankful for making Jacob’s wish come true and the memories that were made. It was so awesome for Jacob to experience all of this.  With the utmost respect and gratitude, we could never ever thank you all for Jacob’s wish and what you do.”  –  Laura, mom

Jon Finds Relief with His New Heated Massage Chair

Jon was referred to Sunshine Foundation (L) suffering effects of a drunk-driving accident that occurred when he was an infant. Sunshine Foundation was happy to help Jon purchase a new heated massage chair (R) which offers relief.

Jon, from Ashton, MD, was born like everyone else in July of 2002 but suffered from a drunk driving accident when he was an infant. He has been diagnosed with autism, traumatic brain injury, cerebral palsy, epilepsy, dysphagia, and low vision. Jon is kind and gentle. He smiles while working through all of his therapies, even when they hurt. Jon cheers up all of his therapists and teachers with his happy disposition. Jon’s health has been declining over the years and will continue to decline due to the damage caused by the drunk driving accident. Sunshine Foundation was happy to help Jon purchase a new heated  massage chair, which helps him find relief.

“Thank you very much for this opportunity to get our son, Jon, a heated message chair. Jon has had such a difficult time during Covid with medical decline. This heated message chair brings comfort and joy to his aching body. This is truly a miracle at the stage of his life.”  Eric, dad

Isaac Can Stop “Dreaming” – His New Pool is Here!

Isaac (14) referred to Sunshine Foundation with a diagnosis of cerebral Palsy (L) is REALLY enjoying his DREAM COME TRUE of a new above-ground swimming pool. (R)

Isaac (14) from North Riverside, IL, has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy and development delays. Staying home more often in the 2020 Pandemic led to Isaac choosing an above-ground swimming pool as his Special Dream.

“Isaac is loving the swimming pool.  He has gone in every day; it’s been warm! I want to thank the Sunshine Foundation for giving Isaac something that will last throughout his life, bringing enjoyment to his summer days at home, which is especially important in the days we’re living in.  Nicci, I wanted to especially thank you for your patience throughout this difficult process of getting a swimming pool during a pandemic.”   – Terri, Isaac’s grandmother/guardian

Ronan’s Shopping Spree Fulfills His Desire for Adventure!

Ronan, referred to Sunshine Foundation as a young boy with a love for adventure (L) received a Dream Shopping Spree and was able to purchase items that allow him to express his adventurous side (M) & (R).

Ronan (6) from Middletown, RI, diagnosed with low-functioning autism, was referred to Sunshine Foundation as a young boy who loved to ride bikes, jump on the trampoline, and climb just about anything! His parents said that “fun was his middle name.”  Thanks to some wonderful donors and Sunshine Foundation Ambassadors from Salve Regina University, Ronan was given a Dream Shopping Spree and was able to purchase, among other things, a new bike and scooter to enrich his love of adventure.

“Thank you for making our son super happy – not to mention exhilarated. Ronan’s favorite gift is his new bike. No longer does he need training wheels as we all realized watching the video! Flying through the air, caution to the wind, feeling free. We are most happy for his joy. Thank you all for contributing. Your work is important.”Erica, mom

Mariah “Has a Blast” on her Dream Shopping Spree!

Mariah, (6) “had a blast” on her shopping spree. Her parents say she was smiley and laughing the whole time!

Mariah (7) from Ripley, OH, diagnosed with global development delay, immunodeficiency, and non-verbal autism, had a Dream shopping spree. Mariah’s family was so happy that Mariah had a chance to get whatever she wanted and enjoy being a little girl instead of worrying about getting sick. Mariah’s family is also going to use the funds to give Mariah a nice, “mermaid” birthday when she soon turns 7 years old.

“We appreciate the Sunshine Foundation giving Mariah this Dream. We can’t thank you enough!“Mariah’s family

Briella’s Dream for Swimming Lessons Comes True!

Briella, 7, diagnosed with Down’s syndrome, LOVES to be active. Thanks to Sunshine Foundation’s donors, Briella can now be an active, SAFE swimmer!

Briella (7) from Willow Grove, PA, diagnosed with Down’s syndrome, loves to run, jump, climb, and explore. Briella has been Dreaming of swimming lessons to receive specialized individual swimming and water-safety instruction. Thanks to special donors who made Briella’s Dream Come True, she attended Aqua-Tots Swim School and is learning to become a SAFE,  expert swimmer!

“Briella absolutely LOVES her swimming lessons!  She had been struggling to learn the days of the week but now she is very clear about it because “after Tuesday comes WEDNESDAY WHEN I GET TO GO SWIMMING!”  She tells her teachers and friends as well.  Today was her third lesson and the teacher is already beginning to mark off skills on her learning chart.  The facility is very clean and well organized, and as a parent, I enjoy sitting right next to the pool behind a glass shield watching the fun.  Thank you so much for making Briella’s dream come true!” – Darlene, mom   

Katelyn Spends Stress-free Time with her Parents in Disney!

Katelyn spends quality time with her mom and dad in Disney

Katelyn from Dilliner, Pennsylvania, was referred to Sunshine Foundation when she was 16 years old. She was suffering from a motility disorder that caused her to have only a few feet of working intestines.  She has had multiple abdominal surgeries and also suffers from PCOS. Her Dream was to go on a trip to visit Disney World, sit back in the sand, let her worries wash away, and get some stress free time. With help from a generous donor, Katelyn’s Dream Came True!

“I would like to say thank you to the Sunshine Foundation for giving me the opportunity to spend quality time with the two people who mean the most to me, my parents, in Disney World!  The trip was magical & very relaxing.”  Katelyn

Christopher is Happy! His Needs and Wants Met by an Anonymous Donor

Christopher is happily showing off two of his new t-shirts that were part of a shopping spree made possible by a generous donor.

Christopher, from Springfield, IL, is a former 23-week-gestational baby who is almost 16 years old now. He has defied all odds of making it this long. Christopher has cystic fibrosis, severe cerebral palsy, scoliosis, broncho-pulmonary dysplasia, epilepsy, retinal detachment and cataracts (blind), VP shunt, tracheotomy, g-tube, and requires oxygen 24/7. His mom says, “Don’t let any of this fool you – he is the happiest child you could ever meet.” Christopher chose a shopping spree for his Dream. Wanted some new clothes, new equipment to hook up to his switches, and new accessories to make him more comfortable. Thanks to a generous, anonymous donor, Christopher’s Dream Came True!

“Here is Christopher enjoying several of his new t-shirts, his new white noise machine, new tablet for his books along with his new neck support pillow and green fuzzy positioning pillow all while chilling out on his new mattress and cooling gel memory foam topper for it (this little man is sleeping like a king!) … I can’t thank you, the Foundation, or the donors enough for bringing such happiness to my son!”Stephanie, mom

Caden Goes on a Fantastic Shopping Spree!

Caden’s Dream was to go on a shopping spree. Caden’s Dream Came True and fulfilled both his wants (cars, trucks, a working t.v.) and needs (clothes, wheel chair upholstery).

Six-year-old Caden from Savannah, GA, diagnosed with acute disseminated encephalomyelitis, which resulted in right-sided cerebral palsy, had a Dream to go on a shopping spree. One of Caden’s favorite things to do is to play on the floor with cars and trucks. Thanks to a very generous donor, Sunshine Foundation was able to fulfill Caden’s Dream! Caden’s shopping spree allowed him to purchase both needs and wants, including new clothes and shoes and newer wheelchair upholstery.

“Thanks to you all, Caden has more storage for his medical supplies; a working t.v. for his favorite Disney movies and Mickey Mouse clubhouse; cars, trucks, and tools, oh my.  More for me to clean up!” – Donnella, Mom

Grayson is Enjoying a New Therapy Swing!

Grayson made a “Dream Change” to a new therapy swing and is happy as can be!

Grayson (6) from Folsom, PA, diagnosed with low-functioning autism, originally had been dreaming of a trip to Disney before Covid turned our world upside down. Grayson, who LOVES being outside, and his family decided that a new therapy swing was JUST the right thing for him, and the look on Grayson’s face says his “Dream Came True!” Thank you to some very special Sunshine Foundation donors!

“Thanks to the help and generosity of Sunshine Foundation, donors, family and friends, Grayson was able to get an amazing therapy swing!  He has been on it every day and his smile says it all!”  – Kara, Mom

Olivia’s Dream for a Once in a Lifetime Chance to “Do Something Special” Comes True!

Olivia’s Dream for a “once-in-a-lifetime” shopping spree came true.

Olivia is a sweet 11-year-old girl from Fort Gratiot, MI, diagnosed with bilateral diplegic spastic cerebral palsy who has spent most of her young life in and out of doctor’s offices and hospitals. Having cerebral palsy makes it hard for her to play with other kids or do the things other kids do. Olivia chose a shopping spree as her dream to buy the things her parents would love to get her but can’t. She worries about them feeling bad and feels this would be a once in a lifetime chance to do something special.

“I want to thank all the people who help in making wishes come true and the people who helped my wish come true. I chose a shopping spree because there are always lots of things I want and I know my mom and dad can’t always get me. It was really awesome to be able to go to the store and buy the things I had wished for!  One of the things I was able to do was buy a whole case of blind bags to open.  I have always wanted to do that!”  –  from Olivia

Hailey Goes on a Shopping Spree!

Hailey enjoyed a DREAM shopping spree!

Twelve-year old Hailey from Skellytown, TX, is diagnosed with polymicrogyria, septo-optic dysplasia, autism with slight cerebral palsy and scoliosis, as well as cognitive delays. Hailey had a dream of a shopping spree. Hailey’s mom felt that a shopping spree to buy her heart’s desire would show her that people care and want her to enjoy life, despite the limitations it gives her. Hailey’s Dream Came True!

“Hailey loves American Girl dolls! This includes accessories. Thank you all so much for making Hailey’s “shopping spree dream” come true!  It’s been a true blessing to receive such a generous outpouring of love for her – especially during this unnerving Pandemic (that feels endless). Hailey has been on growth hormone therapy for a year now- due to growth delay connected to her middle brain issue, ONH. She’s grown several inches this year already as well as entering into prepubertal stage of development. So, a great deal was spent in purchasing clothes for spring/summer/fall. She also received a wonderful washable rug that goes beautifully with her bedroom decor. This blessing has very significantly impacted our single parent family – thank you from the bottom of our hearts!” –Mom – Mindy

Meonna is Enjoying her New iPad!

Meonna decided to fulfill her Dream with a new iPad and accessories

Thirteen year old Meonna from Edgewood, MD, diagnosed with refractory epilepsy and FIRES, had been dreaming of a trip to Florida to travel to Sunshine Foundation’s Dream Village and visit the theme parks. The pandemic of 2020 interrupted the fulfillment of Meonna’s Dream so Meonna decided to fulfill another Dream to become the proud owner of a new iPad and accessories.

“Although we are in this pandemic,  Meonna is happy she can download games and do her work online with her classmates!  She really misses school, but she loves that she still has the online interaction.  We thank you ALL for making the best of a not so best situation!” Tracey – Mom

Jaxson’s Dream for a Sensory Room Comes True!

Jaxson is enjoying his new sensory room!

Jaxson, from Caledonia, MI is 11 years old and diagnosed with Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, and chronic lung disease. Due to his needs for sensory stimulation, his Dream was for a new sensory room. Thanks to our generous donors, Sunshine Foundation was able to help make Jaxson’s Dream Come True!

“Jaxson loves his new sensory equipment.  I think what he loves most is his bubble tower.  We have it secured in a platform so he can sit up close and enjoy it without knocking it over.  Jaxson craves stimulation; these items give him sensory input so he can enjoy his day with less self-harm.”Carrie – Mom

Gabriella Receives Help to Get a Car

Gabby was very happy to receive help with the down-payment to purchase a car.

Gabriella from Charlotte, NC, who suffers from PTSD, anxiety, and depression as a result of sexual abuse, had a Dream of getting a car to make it easier to care for her daughter and give her a greater sense of freedom. Thanks to Sunshine donors, Gabby received help with the down payment and was able to purchase a car.

“This car has given me a sense of freedom. I no longer have to worry if there will be a bus route where I am heading. I am able to have a safe environment for me and my kids. I am currently pregnant and I have a toddler as well!   I am able to go to the beach if I want or go hiking in the mountains for a day, and I am so grateful to have the ability to be able to do that. Thank you so much!” Gabby

Nevaeh Gets to Meet Rapunzel!

Nevaeh had been dreaming of meeting Rapunzel, and her Dream Came True!

Ten-year-old Nevaeh from Beltsville, MD, diagnosed with spina bifida, has been dreaming of a trip to Disney World to meet her favorite princess, Rapunzel. In early 2020, her Dream Came True! In addition to meeting Rapunzel, Nevaeh especially enjoyed staying in the Sunshine Village Space Cottage, being in the handicap-accessible swimming pool, and going to LEGOLAND.

“This was the best vacation ever! The entire trip was accessible and stress-free. She was able to do so much without feeling left out or like she was missing out on something. I feel like this gave her more independence and just be able to be a kid and have so much accessibility to enjoy herself. Nevaeh was able to get on her first roller coaster. She loved it! She transferred more on this trip and was willing to try almost anything!” Heather- Mom

Mia Enjoys Her “Princess Time!”

Mia’s Dream to be with the Disney princesses came true! Mia was so happy to have her Dream Come True, Mia has said she now wants to help other kids have their dreams come true!

Mia from Zionsville, IN is 8 years old and has an extensive medical history with over 48 diagnoses, including autism and over 150 allergies. She loves to play “dress up,” play games, use her iPad, and hang out with her dog Cyndy, which is named after the princess Cinderella. Mia was most excited about meeting Cinderella and was Dreaming of having a tea party with all the princesses at Disney. Mia’s Dream Came True!

“Everything on this trip was what Mia dreamed about but with her medical costs, wasn’t something we could do on our own. Making this dream happen for her was magical, and I have never seen her so happy and excited. Mia was able to feel like she was normal and did all the things she has never been able to do. This made her feel emotionally stronger. When she feels stronger, her health improves because of a positive outlook. This trip was so awesome to be able to experience through Mia’s eyes and for us to make everlasting memories. Terra- Mom 

Zebadiah Enjoys “Just Being a Kid!”

Zebadiah enjoys his visit to LEGOLAND

Zebadiah from East Hardwick, VT is an eight year old boy diagnosed with hydrocephalus. He was born and orphaned in Ukraine where surgery was not preformed to place a shunt which would have drained the fluid enabling Zebadiah to have lived a normal life. When Zebadiah was adopted at the age of five by his US family, it was too late to perform this surgery, and his head was very large. Because of the size of his head and the fluid that is putting pressure on his brain, he is unable to do many of the things other children his age are able to do. Zebadiah chose Disney World as his dream so that he could enjoy being a kid and doing some of the exciting things a kid can do.  Zebadiah REALLY enjoyed his visit to Disney and LEGOLAND!

“This Experience gave my family a chance to have fun together at the theme parks . This was an opportunity that we never could have dreamed of doing on our own. I think we may not see the full effect for years to come. I am sure it will be a part of his positive memories. Ernest- Dad 

Channing Can’t Stop Smiling in Disney!

Channing enjoys her time in Walt Disney World!

Channing (6) Praireville, LA has left-sided hemiplegic cerebral palsy due to a very rare brain malformation. She has been diagnosed with three different types of seizure disorders due to her brain malformation. While she is unable to talk, her parents knew her Dream was to go to Disney just by the way she would light up when she would see a princess of Mickey and Minnie. Channing’s family was able to see her face REALLY light up when her Dream came true!

“We were so happy to be able to experience this as a family. It brought us all so much joy to be able to see Channing so happy. We will never forget the feeling it gave us. The experience was something magical for her and she made memories she will never forget. She was able to meet her idols (princesses), and her disabilities didn’t matter to her during those amazing moments. She was beaming with excitement and smiling from ear to ear the whole time.” Carolyn- Mom 

Tiffany Especially Enjoys Sea World!

Tiffany and her family enjoyed their trip to Disney, LEGOLAND, and especially, SeaWorld.

Tiffany (10) from Bowling Green, KY, diagnosed with eosinophilic esophagitis, dreamt of going to the Florida theme parks with her family. Tiffany and her family visited LEGOLAND, SeaWorld, and Walt Disney World theme parks. Tiffany especially loved SeaWorld. She is an avid animal lover and looks forward to working with animals one day.

“Tiffany especially loved the space-themed cottage and searching outside for lizards. She also enjoyed her trip to Disney. Tiffanys best part of her trip was SeaWorld. She is an avid animal lover and enjoyed the animal shows.”  Shanai – Mom

Abner and His Family Visit Florida

Abner and his family enjoyed their visit to Florida to visit the Theme Parks and attend the 2019 Sunshine Foundation Gala.

Twelve-Year-Old Abner from Osterburg, PA, who has been diagnosed with Cerebellar Atrophy, had a Dream to visit Walt Disney World, Universal Studios Orlando, and LEGOLAND Florida theme parks for the very first time! Thanks to our donors, we are proud to say that his dream became a reality. Abner and his family spent fun-filled days at the theme parks. He especially loved meeting some of his favorites characters and spending time with his family. They were also able to attend the Sunshine Foundation Gala, held annually.

“Abner’s favorite part of the dream was going to Universal and riding the King Kong ride. This trip brought him out of his comfort zone and allowed him to try new things which he enjoyed. This was a good experience to come together as a family without the worries and stress from being at home.”  Mom – Christina

Yatzira’s Dream Comes True!

Yatzira’s was able to travel, with her family, to Central Florida and meet the characters at Disney in person for the very first time.

Seventeen-year-old Yatzira from El Paso, TX, who has Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy, had a Dream to travel to Central Florida and visit the theme parks. Yatzira especially loved meeting some of her favorite characters and spending time with her family. As a child who is currently experiencing just how much it means to have her Dream Come True, Yatzira is the perfect representative of the 41,000 children who have received their dreams through the Sunshine Foundation over the last 43 years.

“Yatzira loved the stay at the Village and could see that all of her family members enjoyed the visit. We needed this time as a family to bond more together. We got more strength to advance in life…. Thank you!”Yatriza’s mom

Mason and His Family Enjoy a Dream Trip to Florida Theme Parks

Mason enjoys his dream trip to Florida with his family as he contemplates one day becoming a anime comic or video game creator.

Mason from Jeannette, PA, a young boy diagnosed with Legg-Calve-Perthes disease, which restricts him from any physical activity other than swimming and walking, recently had his Dream Come True when he and his family were able to go to Florida and visit the Magic Kingdom and other theme parks. The best part of Mason’s dream was being able to ride lots of different types of roller coasters at the various parks that he’s never been to.

“Thanks to Sunshine, Mason now has titled himself a ‘roller coaster enthusiast!’ Having this dream come true has given Mason hope. It has shown him that others truly do care and will be there for him, and that he should never be ashamed of himself.  Just knowing someone else feels he is deserving of such a trip as an awesome gift boosted his confidence for sure. This experience was amazing! Being able to spend this time with just our family together at such an amazing place has been such a calm, stress-relieving, fun experience that has brought us together even more. – Mom Chelsea

Holland Gets His Dream of Taking His Siblings to Meet Donald Duck

Holland and his family enjoying their time as a family in Sunshine Foundation’s Dream Village.

Nine year old Holland from West Jordan, UT, diagnosed with low functioning autism, had a Dream to go to Disney World with his family. Holland was looking forward to taking his siblings to Disney World so they could get a balloon and give it to Donald Duck. Holland wants to be Donald’s friend. Holland loves Donald Duck and loves that Donald is like him and that Mickey is still his best friend even when Donald gets upset. Holland said he had been waiting his whole life to go to Disney World. Holland’s Dream Came True thanks to our donors’ help.

It’s just the most magical place you can think of. It’s a way to take a break from all the stuff you have to do with a kid who needs services. When you’re spending 40 hours a week on top of doing school, he needs a break.” We need a break. And this is what [the Sunshine Foundation] does. It gives us a chance to just be a family.”  Mom -Tiffany

Jarrod’s Dream of Going to Universal Studios Comes True!

Jarrod received his Dream to visit Universal Studios to see how movies are made.

Jarrod (18) from Yonkers, NY, who goes by JJ, was diagnosed with autism at one year of age. He is non-verbal. JJ’s Dream was to see his most-watched movies come alive right before his eyes at Universal Studios and seeing some of his favorite characters at Disney World. Thanks to Sunshine’s Donors, Jarrod’s Dream come true!

“Jarrod’s favorite thing at the village was that it was so quiet. He wears his headphones every day to block out the noise and he didn’t need to wear them while he was at the village. This was an experience that Jarrod would have never had, had it not been for the Sunshine Foundation.”  Ivette – Mom

Jasmine Goes on a Cruise!

Jasmine’s Dream to go on a Caribbean cruise with her family CAME TRUE!

 Jasmine is a sweet 17 year old girl with a beautiful smile who is diagnosed with osteogenesis imperfecta and restrictive lung disease. Her Dream was to go on a Caribbean Cruise with her family. Thanks to wonderful donors and some hard-working Sunshine Ambassadors from Salve Regina University who helped to raise funds, Jasmine’s Dream Came True!

“We want to thank everyone that had their hands on making this Cruise happen for Jasmine – she had an awesome time she will never forget.  Again, Thank You Guys For Everything,  God Bless”  – Dad, Carlos

Robert Visits SeaWorld, Disney World, and LEGOLAND

Robert was happy to spend time in SeaWorld as part of his Dream Come True!

Robert (15) from Middletown, NY was born with Crouzon’s Syndrome and suffers from bipolar disorder, seizures and hearing loss. His Dream was to visit the Theme Parks with his family. He was able to spend time in LEGOLAND, Disney World, and Sea World.

“This trip brought Robert out of a recent depression.I loved seeing my son smile like this. I can’t thank all of The Sunshine Foundation enough. Robert was laughing and smiling and just enjoying life again. It finally allowed us to be stress free for a few days.” Mom – Catherine

Alex and His Family Have a Dream Trip to Florida!

Alex and his family were able to spend quality time on a once-in-a-lifetime trip to the Florida Theme Parks!

Sixteen-Year-Old Alex from Philadelphia, PA, who has been diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy and Hydrocephalus, was able to realize his Dream to visit Walt Disney World, Universal Studios Orlando, SeaWorld and Legoland, Florida theme parks for the very first time! Thanks to our donors, Alex and his family enjoyed their time together on a once-in-a-lifetime trip.

“Alex had a wonderful time at the village and going to all the theme parks. His family was able to spend quality time together.”  Rosemary – Alex’s Mom

Zayd Gets to Meet His Moroccan Family!

Zayd realized his Dream to spend time with his extended family in Morocco

Zayd (5) from Kennesaw, GA, diagnosed at 29 months old as severely autistic, had never met his extended family in Morocco. They had never seen him in person. Thanks to the help of a Sunshine Foundation donor, Zayd’s extended family had the chance to meet a sweet boy who laughs, hugs, kisses, and is the job of his parents’ life.

“We were in Casablanca at my mother-in-law’s home for 3 weeks and also traveled to Chefchouan aka the blue city!  It was beautiful, and we stayed in a lovely hotel. My mother-in-law has diabetes and uncontrolled hypertension, and in the past two months she has passed out twice. We needed to get there this summer while all our children were on break to see her, so although it wasn’t exactly what we had originally planned to do, it just made sense for our circumstances, and we had a great time! – Zayd’s mom.

Rakim’s Dream Comes True!

Rakim received his dream to go to Disney World and Universal Studios to meet his favorite characters.

Five year old Rakim from Philadelphia, PA, who is diagnosed with spastic cerebral palsy, has been dreaming of meeting his favorite Disney characters since he was four years old. Rakim experienced his Dream Come True in April of 2019. Not only did he meet his favorite Disney characters, he also got to meet Dora the Explorer at Universal Studios!

“Thank You for providing us with a memorable trip that we will cherish and photos that will last Rakim a lifetime!” Rakim’s parents Ray and Kim.

Salena was Thrilled to Go on her Shopping Spree

Salena proudly shows off the new clothes she purchased in her shopping spree.

Salena, from Fruita, CO is 5 years old with Pitt Hopkins syndrome, Trisomy 18, and global development delay. She has severe sleep apnea and complex partial seizures. Salena loves playing with her stuffed animals and friends at school. She has a therapy dog and has to ride in a wheelchair stroller due to low muscle tone in her legs. Salena had a Dream of going on a shopping spree! Thanks to your help, Salena’s Dream Came True! She is pictured above, on the right, showing off the new clothes she bought in her shopping spree.

Nicholas Gets to Meet all His Favorite Characters at Disney!

Nicholas was happy to meet the Disney characters and visit LEGOLAND with his family!

Nick from Cincinnati, OH is 7 years old with low functioning autism. He loves to swim, play with Legos, and play dress up. His favorite shows are Mickey Mouse Club House, Doc McStuffins, and Paw Patrol. When Nick grows up, he wants to be a veterinarian so he can help animals feel better. Nick was so happy his Dream of meeting Goofy and Mickey Mouse came true!

“We had an amazing time on our trip. We are so grateful to you, Wanda, and everyone else at the Sunshine Foundation that made this possible. We would not have been able to go otherwise. Thank you so much. Nick will remember this trip forever. Thank you again.” April – Mom

Makayla Visits Magic Kingdom!

Meeting Cinderella brought tears of joy to Makayla!

Makayla (17) from Lincoln, TX and living with chronic migraine disorder, a genetic disorder, Lyme disease, and lupus, had been dreaming of visiting the Magic Kingdom since she was three years old. Her Dream Came True!!

“I can’t express how much this trip meant to Makayla. There were times that she forgot about her pain and all the other issues that she has. Meeting Cinderealla sent her into tears of great joy. She has been dreaming and wishing to meet her since she was 3 years old, and that Dream Came True because of the Sunshine Foundation. There are not enough  words to express our appreciation for Makayla’s Dream being fulfilled.” Traci, Makayla’s mom.

Angel’s Smile is Larger than Pluto’s!

Angel felt like a REAL princess when she got to spend time in Disney

Angel is 10 years old with spina bifida. Angel’s family says she has a positive attitude at all times. Angel is a member of the God Squad praise dance team at church. She also sings on the youth choir. When she grows up, Angel would like to be a doctor. She does not limit herself because she is in a wheel chair. She is a Survivor and a true Princess! Angel’s Dream Came True when she was able to go to Disney World with her Family.

“Angel had a wonderful time at Disney World and she really enjoyed meeting some of the characters, especially Elsa & Anna at Epcot. Thank you!” – Angel’s Mom

Kierea Gets to Meet Mickey & Minnie!

Kiera, holding souvenirs of Mickey & Minnie who she got to meet!

Kiera, holding souvenirs of Mickey & Minnie who she got to meet!

Sixteen year old Kiera from Westerly, RI, diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, sensory processing disorder and communication disorder, had a Dream to visit Mickey and Minnie Mouse at Disney.

“Kiera was so calm and happy upon arriving at Disney. She felt special,, and her self-esteem increased. The best part of the Dream for Kiera was meeting all of the characters and seeing the shows. It brought us closer together.”Maria, Kiera’s mom.

Max Visits Florida & Sunshine Foundation’s Dream Village!

Max was referred to Sunshine Foundation, diagnosed with epilepsy and Chiari malformation (L). His dream was to visit Universal Studios and stay in the LEGOLAND Cottage at Sunshine Foundation’s Dream Village. Max is pictured with his family in the game room at Dream Village (R).

Max, diagnosed with epilepsy and Chiari Malformation, loves playing Growtopia on his tablet with Pokemon cards and Legos. Max’s dream was to visit Universal Studios and stay in the LEGOLAND Cottage at Sunshine Foundation’s Dream Village. Thanks to our wonderful donors, Max’s dream came true!

“We normally don’t see Max be silly and take pictures, but he did during the trip and smiled a lot. He and his brothers truly had a wonderful time, as a family we were able to forget therapy, doctor appointments, and for a few days we were able to just have fun!”Misty, Max mom

Marcos Dreams of His Future!

Marcos trip to Florida got him Dreaming about his future!

Marcos, who is diagnosed with cerebral palsy and spastic quadriplegia, had a Dream to recover some of his lost childhood by visiting Walt Disney World for the very first time!

“Marcos was more talkative than usual! He didn’t complain of aches and pains. During drives back to the Sunshine Foundation Village, he talked about his future, which usually he keeps to himself. Leisure time is extremely rare, and we finally spent time having fun!! The best way to explain the feeling of being in Disney is “Hakuna Matata!!!”Xiomara, Marcos mom.

Jessica Recieved her Dream Trip to Florida!

Jessica discovered that LEGOLAND was a great place to be!

Nine year old Jessica from Alma, AR, who has lived with multiple diagnoses,  has been dreaming of swimming with dolphins and was THRILLED to go on her Dream Come True Trip. Jessica not only was trilled to play with dolphins but discovered that LEGOLAND was a super great place too!

“Jessica will now have brand new HAPPY memories with her forever family. It has inspired her to pursue her dream of becoming a dolphin trainer.” Danielle, Jessica’s mom.

Lillian Meets Mickey and Minnie!

Lillian loved being able to talk with her friend, Minnie, using her iPad.

Six year old Lillian from Brazil, IN, diagnosed with severe non-verbal autism and encephalopathy, was absolutely THRILLED to go on her Dream trip to Disney to meet Minnie and Mickey Mouse. She got to communicate with Minnie using her iPad.

Frankie Received his Dream Trip to Florida

Frankie and his family at LEGOLAND, FL.

Frankie is 10 years old with Rubinstein-Taybi syndrome and autism. Frankie went to LEGOLAND, FL on his Dream Come True trip where he went to a class with the Master Builder! His favorite ride was the carousel which he rode at least 10 times!

Maggie Loved Staying at Sunshine Foundation’s Dream Village!

Maggie loved coming “home” each night to Sunshine Foundation’s Dream Village and sleeping in a space ship.

Maggie from Watonga, OK is 9 years old with apraxia and sensory processing disorder. Maggie had a Dream of going to Disney to meet her hero, Luke Skywalker, and battle Darth Vader at the Jedi Academy at Disney Studios! When she got to live her Dream in early 2019, she discovered that her favorite things were actually seeing Cinderella’s Castle and coming “home” to Sunshine Foundation’s Dream Village each night and sleeping in a space ship.

“Our family cannot thank you enough for our Dream Come True trip to Walt Disney World and Legoland. Being able to have a stress-free week without worrying about therapy appointments was a very much needed break. My children are excited to tell others about the Sunshine Foundation and all the wonderful things you do. Thank you again for bringing some Sunshine into our lives!!” –  Alison & Michael – Maggie’s parents

Jayden Met Mickey at Disney World!

Jayden and his family on his Dream Trip

Jayden is 4 years old with cerebral palsy and is from Glenolden, PA. He received his Dream Come True trip to Disney World!

“I just wanted to say thank you to all of you at Sunshine Foundation for making Jayden’s Disney trip possible. We had such a great time and it was definitely great to get away from the everyday norm of hospital visits and DRs appts. Thank you all again so much for all you have done” – Michele, Jayden’s mom

Mathiaz Enjoyed a Stress-free Dream!


Mathiaz and his family at Universal Studios.

Meet Mathiaz! Mathiaz is 12 years old with sub-acrachnoid cysts and pseduotumor cerbri. Mathiaz was happy to receive his Dream to visit Universal Studios in Florida!

“Throughout the entire stay he was 100% stress free from his medical life. We saw nothing but smiles!”  – Mathiaz’s mom

Chanel Enjoys her Dream Trip to Myrtle Beach!

Chanel had a great time living her Dream in Myrtle Beach

Chanel is 19 years old with low functioning autism. She loves to travel, shop, and listen to music. Chanel is a wiz on computers and all electronic devices simultaneously, especially Apple products. She was thrilled to experience her Dream Trip when she traveled to Myrtle Beach with her family where she was able to go shopping!

Paityn Met Minnie Mouse!

Paityn meeting Minnie Mouse 

Paityn, is 6 years old with cerebral palsy and epilepsy and is nonverbal. She was so happy to meet Minnie Mouse!

“This will definitely be the best memory my children will have of their childhoods and I am so grateful. My husband and children have never left the Midwest…This trip was filled with all kinds of new and exciting experiences, starting with the plane ride. I kept telling Paityn we were going on a trip and reassuring her that there would be no doctors and no pokes. Once she realized we really were going just for fun it was the happiest I have ever seen her. She had been sick prior to going and I even thought of cancelling but the Florida Sunshine did her some good because she improved significantly. I have only had to use her nebulizer once since returning home.” – Kelly, Paityn’s mom

Aztlana Went to Disneyland in California!

Aztlana and her family with Minnie Mouse at Disneyland
Aztlana, 6 years old with cerebral palsy, epilepsy, and cortical vision impairment, received her Dream Come True Trip to Disneyland.
“I want to Thank Sunshine Foundation for granting Aztlana a wish to go to Disneyland for two days. She had so much fun and didn’t want to come home. She cried when we were leaving  I am so grateful for your kindness and generosity; you truly brought joy to my baby girl. I am forever grateful for your wonderful organization and what you guys do for our kiddos.”Rosie, Aztlana’s mom

Robbie Received an iPad and Accessories!

Robbie with his new iPad!
Robbie is 17 years old with low functioning autism and epilepsy. Robbie was ecstatic when he received his iPad and accessories!
 “Thank you guys again for helping me get these items for my son.” – Robbie’s mom.

Joseph Loved the Roller Coasters!

Joseph and his mom at the Hogwarts Express! 
Joseph, 10, has frontal lobe disconnection and degradation due to a traumatic brain injury followed by multiple concussions at the age of 6. He was THRILLED to go on the roller coasters!
We had an amazing time, and he experienced a roller coaster that one was scared to let him on, haha! He came off laughing where I was panicked the whole time. We did a dolphin experience, and the trainer said he has never seen the pups interact like they did with Joseph.” – Aleshia, Joseph’s mom.