1. Bennett is a sweet young boy who was born blind and is non-verbal. He loves music; the joy on his face is evident when his favorite songs come on. He teaches us each day that we can overcome obstacles and still smile and laugh. Bennett loves hearing Disney characters and riding roller coasters. Bennett's Dream is to go to the Florida Theme Parks, especially Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios. Although he cannot verbally express his Dream, his parents say that when he hears the voice of Mickey Mouse or a Disney princess, his reaction is "beyond priceless."
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  2. My name is Olivia. I have a rare eye condition called "Aniridia." It means complete absence of the iris ... I am legally blind. I have to have enlarged books and homework. I struggle to see the TV unless I am close to it. I struggle on a daily basis with everyday things other people take for granted. I want this dream of going to Disney World so I can see all the characters up close, meet, greet, and tell them how much I love them. I want to see Cinderella's Castle and meet the princesses. I cannot wait to be able to go and see the most magical place in the world!
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  3. Payton was born with congenital infantile nystagmus, strabismus and amblyopia. She is also legally blind in one eye. On top of that, she deals with anxiety and ADHD. There is no cure for nystagmus. She’s had 2 surgeries to help with the strabismus and amblyopia, and she will require future surgeries with these issues. She receives special education services at school to aid with her disabilities as she cannot read or watch the teacher for long periods like other children can. She cannot watch a TV or computer screen for long periods as her eyes tire so quickly from the constant shaking due to the nystagmus. Her dream has always been to meet and see the princesses from Disney up close. Like really get to talk to them and interact with them. Payton enjoys spending time with her family and her dogs, dancing around the house and watching the Cubs play (she loves Kris Bryant).
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    Hi! My name is Abigail. I have been diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa. I am legally blind, which makes it hard for me to see after a certain time and in certain lighting. I can only read in bright lights or I can't see the words. My diagnosis can cause me to go blind one day, and my Dream is to see Disney World before that happens. I love Disney and have always wanted to go to Disney World to see Jasmine, Aladdin, Alice, Mad Hatter, and Jack.
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