1. Elizabeth has been diagnosed with low-functioning autism, seizures, and developmental delays. Elizabeth likes to read books and watch Disney and Star Wars. She is dreaming of a bedroom makeover with new paint and to make a reading area as well as a multimedia area for gaming and decorations. Elizabeth loves anime and Disney stories and will no doubt incorporate these in the theme.

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  2. Cincinatti, OH

    Christian has been diagnosed with severe intellectual disability. He loves roller coasters, video games, trains, and cars (preferring CARS over hot wheels). Because of his disability, he struggles with making friends, sharing, getting dressed, and normal daily activities most kids his age are doing. Christian’s Dream is to go to the Florida Theme Parks because of his love of roller coasters, the Disney movies CARS, and to swim.

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  3. Successful

    Jaxson, 11 years old, has been diagnosed with Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, low-functioning autism, and chronic lung disease. He is non-verbal. Jaxson’s Dream is to have a safe place to play as he is self-injurious. He is asking for equipment for a sensory room. Jaxson loves water, music, swinging, and bouncing. He is constantly in motion craving sensory input. Jaxson is a delight to be around.

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