1. Colton has severe, low-functioning autism and is nonverbal. His diagnosis affects how he eats and communicates. His fine motor skills are severely impacted, but his gross motor skills exceed that of his peers. Colton has a severe sensory processing disorder. He craves deep pressure throughout the day. Swimming and swinging daily are musts or he can’t sleep. Colton enjoys being outdoors, running, jumping, spinning. He adores anything with lights and music. He’s an extraordinarily happy child otherwise. He loves shopping in stores and online. He can’t verbally tell me what he wants but points at things or brings them to me. Colton has a dream of going on a shopping spree. Receiving his wish would be a dream come true for Colton and would help him get sensory items and toys that he wants. Thank you all for making my child’s dream come true!
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    Frankie is 10 years old with Rubinstein-Taybi syndrome and autism. Frankie loves watching YouTube Videos, doing karate and going for rides in his cozy coupe. When Frankie grows up, he would like to be an elevator operator, but right now he dreams of meeting Barney at Universal Studios on his Dream Come True Trip!
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