Christopher, from Springfield, IL, is a former 23 week gestational baby who is almost 16 years old now. He has defied all odds of making it this long. Christopher has cystic fibrosis, severe cerebral palsy, scoliosis, broncho pulmonary dysplasia, epilepsy, retinal detachment and cataracts (blind), VP shunt, tracheotomy, g-tube, and requires oxygen 24/7. Don’t let any of this fool you – he is the happiest child you could ever meet. Christopher enjoys scary movies (especially zombies). Batman is his favorite super hero but he enjoys them all. Christopher enjoys using his many switches to activate communication devices, power tools, and many kitchen accessories such as blenders and mixers, and he loves music. We limit blinking lights due to seizures but he enjoys different types of lighting (doctors believe he has light perception) so every season we change strands of lights around his bed and the windows! Christopher has chosen a shopping spree for his Dream. He would like new clothes due to growing as fast as a “normal” teenager, along with wanting new equipment to hook up to his switches (he thinks he needs a power saw; mom is NOT in agreement with that one), and toys of course. Due to Christopher’s many diagnoses, he is very limited on leaving the house and getting experiences of the world, but I do my best to bring new and exciting things to his world at home.

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