Jaiden has been diagnosed with low-functioning autism. Jaiden is a very happy and pleasant kid and loves spending time with his sister. Jaiden has a hard time fitting in with kids his age and can’t go outside alone. Jaiden likes playing video games with his sister when they go to their brother’s house. His mom has been trying to get him a gaming system so he can play videos, but it is not possible due to Mom having to miss work often to care for Jaiden because of his behavior outbursts and safety concerns. Jaiden dreams of having his own game system so he is able to play games at home with his sister. Jaiden is very close with his sister because she won’t hang out with her own friends so that Jaiden won’t be lonely. Jaiden’s Dream is to have a PS5 with 3 controllers so he can play it together with his mom and sister as a family.

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