Marlie came into our lives as our foster baby whom was exposed to drugs and alcohol in utero. We fostered her for 18 months until we finalized her adoption through the state of Mo. Marlie loves to have mommy put makeup on her and paint her nails . She loves anything Disney princess and enjoys coloring and playing with slime. Marlie has a list of diagnosis that fall under her Chronic fetal alcohol disorder, such as autism, tourettes, global delay disorder, ADHD, low IQ, and more . We are always pursuing testing and therapy to help her be the best she can be. Marlie struggles with many daily tasks, such as brushing her teeth, choosing appropriate clothing for the weather, and she does not feel pain. She also does PT to help with her vestibular disruption. She is often off-balance, and we are working on that daily to help her be stable , With this, she LOVES all rides for the feeling of being in motion and feeling secure. Marlie is going to be over the moon when she is told she is going to ride rides and see the princesses . We can not thank you enough for your support in helping her wish to go to the Florida Theme Parks come true !

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