My name is Ryley. When I was 12 years old, I was diagnosed as a Type 1 diabetic. I enjoy video games and hanging out with my friends. Over this last year, I have been able to teach many of my friends, family, and classmates about my illness. My illness causes me to have daily difficulties with extreme highs and lows with my blood sugar. Both are very dangerous and scare my mom. Now that I am a teenager, there are changes, and even those can throw my blood sugar off. I can be perfectly fine one minute and within an hour, be very sick. Being the only kid with diabetes in my school is a blessing as well as a nightmare. I can help teach other kids about diabetes but often get misunderstood by my behavior caused by the lows and highs of my blood sugar. My Dream is to go to the Florida Theme Parks as a family with my mom and brother because this illness has affected not only me but them as well. I think we can all find enjoyment from this since there is so much to offer. Thank you!

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